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Accommodation with Pets

Pets are allowed in the Grand Hotel Zvezda:

– Dogs of fancy breed/cats up to 10 kg;

– Guide dogs.

What you have to bring:

– Up-to-date certificate from the veterinarian with a mark on vaccinations, veterinary passport of the pet;

– Muzzle, collar, leash.

Rules of accommodation with pets:

We are kindly ask you to observe the following rules of accommodation with pets at our Hotel:

– not leave your pets unattended in a room, lobby or in the hotel so that they don’t feel lonely;

– not to wash pets in the bathroom and shower booth, as well as wipe them down with Hotel towels, sheets and linens. Pets must have their own grooming supplies;

– not to comb out, cut (shave and pluck) hair, as well as to cut the nails of pets in the room;

– not to let pets without a leash and muzzle or carry them in a public areas in a special carrier;

– provide absence of pets in the room during daily housekeeping or/and minor repair works, or hang out the “Do not disturb” tablet. In case of the absence of a tablet, abovementioned services and works will not be performed;

– strictly forbidden to enter the restaurant of GRAND CAFE with your pet;

– to prevent noise from your pet during the accommodation time.


We hope that the following points won’t affect you, but it is important to know them:

– we will ask you to pay additional damages to other guests or Hotel’s staff for property damages, brought by your pet;

– we will not be able to allow your pet to stay at the Hotel if it behaves aggressively towards guests and staff.

Accommodation fees:

Pets’ accommodation at the Hotel costs 2000 rubles per day. It includes deep cleaning of the room with special treatment after check-out, consumables (disposable diapers) and bowls for feeding.

A deposit of 5000 rubles is made upon arrival and it is fully refundable upon departure from the Hotel, if the pet does not damage anything.


Please agree on the possibility of pets’ accommodation in the Hotel in advance.
Tel. +7 (4822) 506-506. Email: info@grandhotelzvezda.com

In the comment to your booking, you should indicate the species, breed and weight.

8 (800) 707-94-27